This theme is compatible with Templatic Shortcodes plugin which offers an array of shortcode options which can be used to make your content talk with the site visitor.

List of shortcodes includes:

[templ_icons type=”basic”] [LI] Buttons and Progressbars [/LI] [/templ_icons]

[templ_icons type=”basic”] [LI] Content Boxes [/LI] [/templ_icons]

[templ_icons type=”basic”] [LI] Dropcaps and Column layouts[/LI] [/templ_icons]

[templ_icons type=”basic”] [LI] Message Boxes [/LI] [/templ_icons]

[templ_icons type=”basic”] [LI] Modal, Tabs and Accordians [/LI] [/templ_icons]

[templ_icons type=”basic”] [LI] Multiple Column Galleries[/LI] [/templ_icons]

[templ_icons type=”basic”] [LI] Tooltips and Popovers [/LI] [/templ_icons]

[templ_icons type=”basic”] [LI] Unordered lists [/LI] [/templ_icons]